Macomb mulls medical marijuana ordinance

Macomb officials are using using the GIS Center at Western Illinois University to pin point some areas where medical marijuana could legally grow.

Macomb officials are studying where the city would allow a medical marijuana grow facility and dispensaries.

The city council's community development committee

is using the GIS Center at Western Illinois University to pin-point some areas.

The search comes after the city's legal staff presented the council with a draft ordinance outlining cultivation and dispensary location guidelines.

Illinois law says it's illegal to cultivate marijuana within 2,500 feet of schools, churches or residential areas.

Dispensaries on the other hand can be within one thousand feet from those locations.

Macomb Mayor Mike Inman said that if someone wanted to open a cultivation center or a dispensary in Macomb, they would probably have a hard time finding a location that abided by the guidelines.

"In small communities where things are very compacted it makes it very difficult off the bat," he said.

Inman said if the city passes an ordinance, it can't be anything less restrictive than state law.

If it's more restrictive then it needs to stay with constitutional bounds.