Macomb looking to bring ag back to the classroom

The Macomb Agriscience Association hopes to bring back agriculture education classes back to Macomb Jr./Sr. High School.

Currently, the school does not have agriculture education classes.

"The program was eliminated in the late eighties and has not been reinstated, Dr. Andy Baker, Interim Director for Western Illinois University School of Agriculture, said.

"We are trying to push our efforts so that we can get our program back in the high school," Baker said.

The association is trying to raise $300,000 to fund a full time program.

And they want to do so by the end of the year.

Today, they announced they have raised $50,000 toward their goal.

The organization believes agriculture education classes have a positive effect.

"My wife and I have both gone through high school ag programs when we we grew up and we see the value, and the importance of agricultural education especially at the high school level, so we both have developed some of our leadership skills," Dr. Baker said.

Students who are interested in agriculture education have to travel at least an hour to another high school to attend class.

Some students may have to give up their interest in agricultural if the program is not brought to the school.

School districts are facing more cuts than ever before and they believe private funding of public education may be here to stay.

"Well I think this is kind of futuristic approach to how we are going to be able to fund public education, I think today you are going to start seeing the connection between the private sector and the public sector and in order to be able to fund programs we think are necessary," Dr. Baker said.

If you would like to help the Macomb Agriscience Association bring agriculture education classes to Macomb, click here.