Macomb is closer to new transit center

If you are someone who uses public transportation in Macomb, you may notice a nicer ride in the near future. McDonough County Public Transportation is nearing the end of a project that has taken almost a decade to finish.

The Macomb Transit Maintenance Center will act as a main hub for all of the city buses and it is set to open by April 5.

At the new center, buses will have a place to park inside of a garage, rather than outside like they are currently.

Currently, buses are parked at a number of different areas around town. With the new station, all of the city buses can park at one location.

Director of Go West Transit Jude Kiah says the transition to the new station should not affect people's travelling plans.

According to transit director Gary Ziegler, this project was paid for through federal and state grants that have been building up over the last six years.

Up to fifty one vehicles are in operation daily for Go West.