Macomb going after trailer park owner

The City of Macomb is going after the owner of the Shade Tree Trailer Park on East Jackson in an attempt to get the property cleared of debris.

The owner hired a contractor to remove the old run down trailers, but according to the city, the contractor pulled out of the job when he wasn't paid.

Now the city is soliciting bids to get the rest of the debris cleaned up and not let it become a public health hazard.

" The owner of the property is in default on its mortgage and maybe in a state of bankruptcy. I'm not sure about that. But no one is addressing it. We're tried from an enforcement standpoint to try and get it done and nothing worked, so taking it into our own hands to do that," said Macomb City Administrator Dean Torreson.

Torreson says the owner of the trailer park lives out of town and that the city is in the process of putting a lien on the property for balance due on an unpaid water bill.

Torreson also says the city attorney believes they'll be able to recoup the cost of the cleanup once legal action is taken.