Macomb businesses excited for WIU graduation weekend

Macomb businesses excited for WIU graduation weekend

This weekend is graduation at Western Illinois University.

The Macomb Area Convention and Visitors Bureau says lots of local businesses expect to be busy.

"We're pretty much usually guaranteed close to full occupancy in all of our hotels or at least full occupancy in most of them. That alone brings in hundreds and thousand of dollars for us," says C&VB Executive Director Nikki Gray.

Best Western Inn General Manager Andrea Cox says families of graduates have already started trickling in.

"I might see a few starting today since it's Thursday, most of the time though they all start coming in on Friday night."

And rooms have been booked for a while.

"Every room is completely booked, and we pretty much book out a year in advance."

Local hotels aren't the only one's expecting more business than usual this weekend.

Nelsons Clothing, a local tuxedo rental shop, loves graduation time.

"The week leading up to it we will see a few suit sales but we also see a lot of pant sales because since they are wearing a gown that's the part that will be showing. Also, the morning of graduation we always run into that 'oh my gosh I need a shirt'," says owner, John Nelson.

It's not only the graduates that bring them business.

"It could be family that came to town for the graduation and forgot to pack something. Forgot a shirt, forgot a belt, forgot different items," explains Nelson.

Macomb is ready for the weekend.

"It's really an opportunity for us to get a strong engaged population that's really likely to come back or think of us the next time they're thinking of a weekend getaway," says Gray.

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