Macomb Artist featured in Smithsonian

White Swan / Rockwell

A Tri-State artist recently had the honor of showing off her work at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

Since 2005, Macomb artist Janice Rockwell has worked on a series of paintings portraying the Ponca Indians of northern Nebraska. After coming across her many portraits, a group from the long line of Poncas decided to buy all ten works of art.

The group then took the set of protraits to Washington D.C. where Rockwell's art was showcased during an event featuring the life of the Ponca. The series of portraits feature chiefs, like Standing Bear, who fought back to keep their land, leading to a civil rights movement among the Native Americans.

"It was something I'll always remember. It was almost magical for me, but more a God feeling from the get go, because it was too coincidental the way things fell into place. I just felt like I was along for the ride and it's been a wonderful journey," said Rockwell.

Rockwell and her husband Dean run Earth, Air, Water Studios in Macomb at 13341 N 1500 Rd. Visit their website here.

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