Lukens sisters helped "makeover" Joplin

A popular TV show gave two sisters the opportunity help rebuild Joplin.

As you know the town was devastated by an EF 5 tornado in May 2011.

KHQA's Chrissy Mueller shows us why the final episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is so important to one tri-state family.

Amy and Nicole Lukens are just two of the many volunteers who helped "makeover" seven homes and a park in Joplin, Missouri.

Nicole Lukens said, "I kind of prepared myself, knowing 'okay this was going to be bad' but going and actually seeing how bad it was, it was just ... I can't even imagine living there, how you would feel."

Both sisters volunteered at the distribution center after the tornado hit. When they found out Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was going to help restore homes in Joplin, they had to go back.

"I really wanted to go back and be a part of the rebuild. So it was kind of like bringing it all the way back around, seeing something go up," said Amy Lukens.

Nicole Lukens interjected, "It was empowering to be a part of that and to see some houses go up."

Seven houses went up and a park was restored.

"I hope that we were able to put a little bit of hope in some people's lives because I know that they have lost a lot just because of the devastation down there," said Nicole Lukens. "It was just amazing. Watching it on the news and seeing pictures is just nothing."

The Lukens have family in Joplin and they are looking forward to taking them to visit the park they helped restore.