Louisiana City Councilwoman impeached by her peers

The big impeachment showdown in the city of Louisiana has been postponed.

The hearing was called off after Councilwoman Ann Handford said she could not attend. It has been moved to October 15.

The council voted 6 to 2 September 26th to impeach Councilwoman Robbyn Morris.

Sheâ??s accused of violating Missouriâ??s open meetings act by secretly recording a closed council session on September 10.

Morris has said she will fight the allegations. She contended that since the executive session was illegal, her use of a recording device shouldn't matter.

A judge will oversee the hearing, but the council will have the final vote on whether to let the charges stand.

Morris is in the second year of a 2-year council term.

She has been at odds recently with Mayor Tom Wallace and City Administrator Bob Jenne.

Morris is paid $75 per council meeting.

If sheâ??s removed, Wallace could appoint a replacement or wait until voters choose a candidate in next Aprilâ??s election.