Louisiana caboose will have new home

UPDATED: February 15 at 7 a.m.

The Louisiana caboose has a one way ticket to Iowa.

Louisiana city council members sold the historic caboose to a

Midwest Central Railroad Museum

in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa for 500 dollars.

The council says the deteriorating railroad car had become a liability for the city.

The caboose was originally purchased in 1988 to serve as a tourism information kiosk for the

Chamber of Commerce


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ORIGINAL STORY: August 24, 2010

The collapse of the Rainbow Flower shop in Louisiana Missouri had many people looking at the condition of the caboose that sits on the corner.

The caboose is leaning to one side and needs to be more stabilized.

It has been on the corner of 4th in Georgia street since the early 80s, given to the town by BNSF.

The city took a survey of the residence asking them to give ideas and thoughts on the caboose's future.

Suggestions included putting it at the riverfront, putting it at the cabin on 54 and at a local park near by.

But it seems pretty clear, the residents want to keep it.