Looking for your ancestors?

It's been a year since the Family Search Center in Nauvoo opened its doors.

With there being only 4,500 Family Search Centers in the world, Nauvoo holds one of them.

"I think everyone is interested in their families for sure. So its easy to talk to each other about their families. This is a place where you can find information about your family is right here in these records," Family Search Center Manager Merlin Price said.

The Family Search Center opened one year ago today, a center where you can learn about your families' ancestry. Something Nauvoo Tourism Director Kim Orth says is a growing hobby.

"I do respond for information requests specifically for people looking for their ancestors. I have done that even prior to this opening and like I said this is just another asset that we can promote," Nauvoo Tourism Director Kim Orth said.

As summer is rolling in that means more and more people are filing into the Family Search Center we they are looking to find their relatives.

"Help people find their families. We can microfilm records. We have digitized records that are on the internet. We have ten websites that would cost them money at home that we offer here for free," Joy Price said.

The Prices say summertime is when they have seen the most people; over 100 per week. Joy Price says if you want to get started searching for your relatives, make sure you know the names of your great grandparents as a good starting point.

"Preferable you find somebody that is deceased because most of the records aren't going to be available for people who are living," Joy Price said.

Merlin Price says it only takes about an hour to discover a lot about your families history.

The Family Search Center is free to the public. It's paid for by the Church of Latter Day Saints.