Looking both ways is half the battle

Your summer motorcycle ride could be more dangerous than you think.

In the state of Illinois, motorcycle related fatalities have increased by more than ten percent this year.

The number of fatal motorcycle accidents in Illinois is up by 13 percent this year.

However, there are factors that could skew this increase like the increase in ridership.

"I have had some close calls, so you got to constantly be scanning the roadway, and other drivers on the road," Great River ABATE's Tom Haggerty said.

"I have been in a couple of them, about every day you go ride around town. If I am not careful on Broadway, someone will pull in front of me sometime, because truly the problem is distracted driving in my eyes," TNT Action Sports Owner Bryan Smith said.

Great River ABATE works to educate about motorcycle safety.

ABATE members say it is important to drive defensively on the roads.

"I think that everybody needs to pay attention to the road, and make sure you watch what you're doing, and as far as riders concern, I ride as if nobody can see me," Smith said.

"When you're following a car, ride to the left so they can see you in the rear view mirror, don't travel too close, and if you're riding together, try to ride staggered," Haggerty said.

Inexperienced riding is another problem on the roads.

If you are interested in riding a motorcycle, make sure to take a safety course so you are prepared for your ride.

Courses are held at the Quincy Airport regularly. You can get more information through TNT Action sports.