Long lines, big bargains greet Quincy's Black Friday shoppers

Soon after finishing their Thanksgiving meals, hundreds of shoppers got started on their Christmas lists in Quincy.

Stores attracted customers with annual Black Friday bargains. Many stores opened in the evening at 6 or 8 PM. Others, like K-Mart, were open all day Thursday.

Casey Scott stood in line at ShopKo for almost 4 hours before the doors opened. It was her first Black Friday experience, but she said the bargains are too good to pass up.

"It's going to save me quite a bit of money on the TV that I'm purchasing so it's definitely worth it. Especially through the holiday season, I can spend that money on something else instead," Scott said.

Now that Black Friday times have moved to Thursday, some shoppers feel the stores are getting carried away.

Lisa Bowman was near the front of the line at Kohl's. She thinks the stores are taking it too far by opening so early, but felt a Thursday evening opening was better than staying open all day.

"I hate that the employees have to work, but it is later...I think it's kind of sad but it's better," Bowman said.

While much of the rush began Thursday night, many Quincy stores were closed all day and will instead open early Friday.