Local schools receive state funds to tighten security

More than 20 schools in the Western Central Illinois region will receive funds to update safety measures.

Governor Pat Quinn announced $25 million dollars will be awarded to 448 schools which makes up a combination of public elementary and secondary school districts, community colleges and state universites.

John Wood Community College and Griggsville-Perry CUSD-4 were on that list. Both schools say safety is important to them.

"Its not a problem here, not to say it won't be a problem, but at this current time not an issue," Sam Tedrow, a Sergeant with the John Wood Community College Campus Police said.

Tedrow is talking about crime.

He praises the faculty, staff, and students for making JWCC a safe environment. He also says they want to keep it that way.

JWCC already knows what they want to do with the $33,327 they will receive.

They want to purchase new radios, but not just any radio.

"Talk directly to officers responding to the campus or we would be able to call 911 center," Tedrow said.

The new radios would be dual band, which means it would allow them to talk directly to emergency responders.

The radios also have the potential to cut down the response time in the event something might happen.

It would also mean the officers could carry one less radio.

The Griggsville-Perry distirct will be going in a different direction.

The school district will use their grant amount of $10,000, to add a security system to their main entrances at both campus buildings.

Currently the high school and primary schools are in the same building where as the middle school is in a different building.

That way the front offices will have more control over who will be guests in their buildings.

It will also allow them to upgrade their surveillance system.

The superintendent of the school district says safety is the top concern.

"I've always believed that our students are our most precious assets that we have in any community and so we want them to feel safe, to be safe and to be protected as much as we possibly, possibly can," Andrea Allen, Superintendent of Griggsville-Perry CUSD-4, said.

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