Local pup up a creek without a paddle

Farley and one of his family members

It was a close call for a family's four-legged friend Monday morning.

This dog named Farley was in his kennel on South 24th Street in Quincy when flood waters from a nearby creek carried he, his cage and dog house into the creek, smashing it against some trees. The actual dog house was destroyed, but gave the Lab/Spaniel mix a place to ride out the high waters.

His owners tried for an hour to rescue him, before calling in the police and fire departments.

Firefighters had to wait until the strong currents subsided before wading in to cut open the kennel wires to free little Farley. Click here to watch that rescue, captured by the owner Britni Rayl.

Bill Rayl, one of the dog's owners said, "He's like part of the family."

Owners says Farley is now safe, though cold, wet and a bit shaken.

Here's a picture of him, cuddling down at home with one of his favorite people.