Local pool could get a discount on its water rates

If the ordinance passes the pool with get around a 25 percent discount on its water rates.

The Quincy City Council will hear the second reading on Tuesday, of a proposed ordinance that could cut the Jackson-Lincoln Pool a break.

The ordinance grants the pool a reduction on its water rate.

If it passes the pool will join 28 other organizations that already receive the discount. Blessing Hospital, Transitions of Western Illinois, the Quincy Park District, and the YMCA belong to that group.

In order to qualify for the reduced water rate, an organization must be a non-for-profit and be housed on property that is exempt from real estate taxes.

The Jackson-Lincoln pool qualifies, and is cashing in now for good reason.

"I think it's based upon the economy, if I could save 25 percent on a charge that I'm getting then I would obviously want to take advantage of that," Utilities Director, David Kent said.

At Tuesday's meeting the council will go over any questions about the ordnance.

It will be up for vote at the next meeting on May 21st.