Local pie shop brings back memories

Already, the pie shop has regulars and have been booked in advanced for the holidays.

Thereâ??s a new sweet spot in Quincy. Itâ??s only been open a little bit less than two months but is stirring up long forgotten, memories.

"People love pie, they love to talk about pie, they love to talk about memories surrounding pies, whether it be grandmothers making pie, it's their moms making pies or their friends, they remember making pies, so I think all of that, it's just a lot of fun. I love that," Christine Lovelace, owner of Oh My Pie, said.

Which is why Lovelace opened an all pie bake shop.

However, Lovelace wasn't always just a baker.

"I like to bake and prior to being here baking pies, I did business development and marketing and recruiting consulting and so on the weekends, I would spend some of my spare time baking, cooking, doing things like that," Lovelace said.

Lovelace says she use to travel about 200 days out of each year. Her escape, baking, became a bigger than what she imagined and decided to switch careers. She says she knows she made the right decision when someone picks up a pie.

"People don't have a lot of cake stories, but they have a lot of pie stories from when they grew up or their favorite kind of pies, that makes it a lot of fun," Lovelace said.

Already, the pie shop has regulars and have been booked in advanced for the holidays.

"Blueberry is a fan favorite and my favorite, today we are doing, peach is great right now because we have peaches coming into season and there's not a great peach crop this year but we find some really good sweet peaches," Lovelace said.

Lovelace's pies are truly one of a kind, thatâ??s because she spent time perfecting her recipes.

"It just describes what it is you get to eating one of the Oh My Pies, itâ??s better than an O-M-G, you kind of get an O-M-P," Lovelace said.

Oh My Pie is located at 220 North 12th Street in Quincy and you can contact Christine Lovelace at 217-316-3875.