Local man honors father with donation to Blessing Cancer Center

The Blessing Cancer Center received a hefty donation from a local organization.

The Blessing Cancer Center received a hefty donation from a local organization.

That organization is Community Cancer Crush, which was started earlier this year by Luke Tappe.

"Back in January, right after Christmas about the first of January, right around New Year's, um, my dad's conditioning was worsening by the day," Tappe said.

The organization's name is a nod to the popular video game.

He started the organization to honor his late father Ted Tappe.

"It started in his prostate, and they took his prostate out six and a half years ago and it just spread up his rib cage and on his hip, in his liver, in his brain, it was invasive, it took over his whole body," Tappe said.

Tappe contacted some community members that he knew and before he knew it they had came together and raised $50,000.

They did so by hosting a fundraising event held at the Ambiance April 18, 2014.

Regrettably, Tappe's father did not live long to see all his son's hard work come to fruition.

Ted Tappe passed away April 13, 2014.

The money raised will be used to help local cancer patients and their families.

"Some of the things that we used the money, most often our requests are for usually gas cards, we live in a community where patients have to drive, so sometimes they are driving an hour to and from treatment every day and when they are having radiation therapy, that could be up to 30 treatments that they are having," Lori Wilkey, Interim Director of Blessing Cancer Center, said.

Wilkey says donations like these help take away some stress cancer patients feel. She also says it helps provide hope.

Tappe has a different kind of hope.

"I hope I did you proud dad," he said.

For more information about Community Cancer Crush, please click here.