Local kennel club trying to make sure pets stay cool

W e all can feel the high temperatures and the effect they're having on us when we're outside.

But what does a heat index of 105 or 115 do to our pets that are outside?

The Quincy Kennel Club has come up with a plan to help pet owners who have pets that are outside.

We'll find out what they're doing and how you can keep your pet cool during this heatwave.

Also we're checking in with a local dog sitting service and seeing if they're allowing the pets they have to run outside like they usually do.

What about you? Have you changed your habits when it comes to your pets outdoor time? Tell us all about it ... or better yet submit a photo of your puppy panting (when you take him out for his walk) on our Facebook page now!

Not only do you need to keep yourself cool in a heat wave like owners need to make sure their pets can cool off too

T he Quincy Kennel Club and even a doggie daycare and boarding service are providing places and options for pet owners.

It's the middle of the afternoon and the bank temperature is about to reach 100 degrees, but for Quinn he has no idea how hot it is outside. But at the Alpha Dog Daycare and boarding facility, Elizabeth Boyer says she makes sure she brings her dogs in when the sun and heat are overbearing.

"Yeah we come in when it gets hot. But I do turn the hose on and let them play with that for awhile," said Boyer.

Boyer said she turns on the hose for the dogs and even provides a babypool with water for them to play in. But once it's time to come inside for the late morning and most of the afternoon, it's play time in the air conditioning.

Over at the Quincy Kennel Club, they're offering a service for pet owners who might need a place for their four legged friend either while they're at work or if another situation arises. The Kennel Club will either loan out a crate for someone to keep their dog inside their house with the air conditioning, or people can actually leave their dog at the kennel club during the day.

"We do have a climate controlled building here and people can either bring their pet to the building for them to stay or we have crates that are available for loan," said Julie Grawe, who is the Quincy Kennel Club vice president.

The Kennel Club says they'll provide the free service for as long as the heatwave continues.

If you need to contact the Quincy Kennel Club to utilize their service, you can contact one of the three following people; Anne Heckle @217-257-1322; Mary Price @ 217-242-1961 or Greg Grawe @ 217-242-0338.