Local humane society raises funds to control animal population

Courtesy: Northeast Missouri Humane Society

It was a jungle out there in Hannibal Saturday morning.

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society held its annual fund raiser at the Mark Twain Cave Complex just south of Hannibal.

This year's theme was "Walk Through the Jungle," and many pets dressed the part.

Proceeds from the event help fund the SNAP program -- the humane society's spay and neuter assistance program for lower-income pet owners.

KHQA asked the shelter administrator about the status of the animal population problem in America's Hometown.

"Animal control is doing a great job in starting to get it under control," Shelter administrator Kurt Groenda said. "With cats, with all the abandoned houses in Hannibal, that's almost a losing proposition. There are still a lot of cat problems in Hannibal."

Saturday's event raised $4,000 for the shelter.