Local food bank gets help from Dot Foods

Dot Foods is one of the largest food redistributers in the country. Not only does it supply to stores but to food pantries as well.

"It means a tremendous amount, when it comes to hunger and fighting hunger the more resources you have, it is very simple the more resources you have the more people you can feed," Caren Laughlin, Marketing and Public Relations Director for Riverbend Food Bank, said.

Dot Foods presented a check for $50,000 to Riverbend Food Bank. That donation will fund 150,000 meals for people in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.

About 300 agencies rely on the Riverbend Food Bank.

Laughlin says the further away from the Quad Cities were the food bank is located, the more help agencies and people need.

Laughlin also says there are several groups that concens her the most, the elderly and toddlers.

"Lots of elderly, elderly is one of the populations I worry about the most we do, because they always think somebody else needs the food more, they are very reluctant to seek assistance but they are in great need," Laughlin said.

She also says 40 percent of the food her food bank distributes ends on children's plates.

Laughlin says it is not uncommon for donated food to be expired.

The donation will allow them to buy nutritious food that people can actually use.

The chairman of Dot Foods says it just makes sense for the company to get behind the mission of ending hunger in the community.

"Fact of the matter is without food, people can't learn, can't grow, young children can't form strong healthy bodies, nothing can really happen," Pat Tracy, Chaiman of Dot Foods, said.