Local farmers working together to help other farmers affected by wildfires

Farmers helping farmers

Northeast Missouri farmers are now stepping up to help other farmers hundreds of miles away.

The Marion County Farmers Bureau is collecting donations to help farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma who were hit by recent wildfires.

Farm land, loved ones and cattle have all been lost.

Bureau President Joe Kendrick now says they are in desperate need of hay.

"Some individuals lost all of their animals, or most all of their animals but those that were able to survive and have some animals they found that were still living after the fires, they have to be fed. So there's been massive amounts of hay being donated and trucked out,."

Fencing, feed, wire posts, and gloves are other supplies accepted.

To donate, call Jeff Kendrick, President of the Marion County Farmers Bureau, at (573) 406 - 3971.

Also, you can donate in person or online at the MFA Agri Services or Farmers Coop.

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