Local farm family harvests national attention

A local family farm will be in the national spotlight this year.

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance selected Chris Chinn and her husband from Clarence, Missouri as the winners of its Faces of Farming & Ranching program. Click here to watch a video about their farm.

They're one of four family farms across the United States chosen to put real faces on the American agriculture industry. Click here to read her blog.

According to the Alliance website, Chris and her husband Kevin are 5th generation farmers - farming with his parents and brother. They raise hogs, cattle, hay and row crops. It is a 1,500 sow farrow-to-finish farm and it has a 60-head cow-calf operation as well.

They will act as national spokespeople to share stories and answer consumer questions about how food is grown and raised to feed our nation.

This is nothing new to Chinn. She already works to educate people about her family farm.

â??I have a YouTube video that allows people to see inside our hog barns. I also use Facebook and Twitter to connect with people outside of agriculture," Chinn said. "I have a blog about our farm as well to talk about what life is like for us on the farm. I give speeches to several area FFA chapters to encourage the kids to teach out to their friends and neighbors and share their knowledge of agriculture. I also have spoken to civic clubs about our farm as well.â??

Look for Chinn and other winners in a grocery store near you. Click here to read more about the other three "Faces of Farming and Ranching."