Local family weighs odds of another World Series victory

The Redbirds have won a World Series every year a baby has been born in the Lipcaman family ever since 1982.

A Pike County, Illinois family think they might hold the key to another World Series victory for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Redbirds have won a World Series every year a baby has been born in the Lipcaman family ever since 1982.

Sarah Lipcaman gave birth to her son, Aaron, in 1982.

She was induced just days before the Cardinals won the World Series so that her husband, Bret, and doctor could watch the games, of course.

"When we got to the hospital, the doctor and my husband were about to have a fit, because the Cardinals were playing in the World Series and heaven forbid, they couldn't be in labor with me," she said. "So they had to get me going and luckily I had the baby before the ballgame that evening."

Aaron's name even came from watching and listening to their favorite baseball team that year.

"About a week before I was due, my husband, and I hadn't come up with a name for him yet," Lipcaman said. "Bret was watching the playoffs, and Mike Shannon was the Cardinals baseball announcer. He happened to mention that his son was named Aaron Michael, and Bret said, 'Sarah, I know what we're going to name our son--Aaron Michael!' I said, 'okay, that sounds good.'"

But Lipcaman's story doesn't end there. Aaron's wife, Annette, gave birth to twin boys, Lane and Wyatt, in 2006 -- the same year the Cardinals won the World Series. Their third son, Mason, was born in 2011 when the Redbird scored another World Series victory, and guess what? Their fourth son, Kase, was just born on October 9.

"We're feeling pretty good about the Cardinals," Aaron Lipcaman said.

When Aaron was 7-years-old, he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a rare Kidney disorder, that almost took his life. His doctor told the family that Cardinals announcer, Mike Shannon, had the syndrome, which eventually ended his baseball career. Aaron's doctor advised the family to write Shannon a letter explaining his story. They did so and received this correspondence back along with this autographed picture. The Lipcaman's don't want the disorder to repeat itself, but they would like to see another win in Kase's honor this year.

The Cardinals play the Boston Red Sox for the World Series this year, which begins this Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Central time.

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