Local air show showcases high-flying acrobatics and history

Historic planes took flight in northeast Missouri for Friday's historic day

America turned 238 years old on Friday.

Millions of people across the country celebrated Americaâ??s independence by participating in cookouts, parades and even firework displays.

In northeast Missouri, they did something a little bit different.

The Heartland community celebrated by putting on an air show.

The planes in the show were nowhere near Americaâ??s age, but they did have some years on them.

Vlado Lenoch piloted a P-51 Mustang that was more than 70 years old.

"This particular airplane, because we see it here today, it survived World War II, and it survived not because it evaded combat, it survived because it never went overseas," Lenoch said.

The airplane Lenoch flew did its duty here at home but shares history with its ancestors.

"This airplane is repainted to honor the veteran, the pilot who flew this particular paint scheme in World War II he flew out of England flew over Nazi occupied France and Germany," he said.

His plane and others like it were escorts for bombers. And they all play a role in why we celebrate our freedom today.

"Of course it being the Fourth of July, it's a very patriotic day, where we can show the airplane as far as what it did as far as American history," Lenoch said.

The Heartland air show will continue Saturday, June 5 at 1 p.m.