Living memorial proposed for Rushville doctor

The group wants to create a bronze sculpture of Dr. Russell R. Dohner sitting on a bench with a child listening to his heart ... just like this photo.

There's a one of a kind doctor in Rushville whose impact is known far and wide. And now, a fundraiser to honor him is in the works to commemorate his legacy.

Dr. Russell Dohner is 88-years-old and has been practicing medicine for sixty years.

He doesn't accept health insurance and the cost to see him is just five dollars.

A living memorial in the form of a bronze statue to honor the doctor has been proposed for Rushville's Central Park.

Charles David Hood and a non-profit group are trying to raise sixty thousand dollars to complete the memorial.

A slightly larger than life size statue will feature Dr. Dohner sitting on a park bench with a young child listening to his heart.

The group hopes to raise the funds by September 20 of this year so that Dr. Dohner may look upon it for years to come.

If everyone gave the cost of one office visit, the group thinks fundraising would be complete in no time.

"I feel like he's the Mother Theresa of doctors. That's how I feel about him. I'd do anything for him and I think many people around the area feel the same as I do. This is a community thing, they all want to do something for Doctor Dohner. And of course he's very humble about that," Hood said.

If you'd like to get involved with the memorial or are interested in donating, check out the

Dr. Russell R. Dohner Living Memorial Fundraiser Facebook page here

for more information.