Living art and teaching it

Most of the Quincy Art Center's teacher have been involved with art their whole lives.

Jennifer Teter has been at the Quincy Art Center since 2009, but art has always been a part of her life. Her mother was an art teacher for 33 years.

"I can remember going into art class, even though my mom was the art teacher and the whole classroom getting excited to go to art every week," Teter said. "That excitement and that love for art and always being able to create and letting our imaginations run loose, that's what art really lets kids do."

But Teter isn't the only teacher that's been involved with art almost her whole life.

"I've always enjoyed art in school and every opportunity I tried it, from elementary school to high school," Quincy Art Center teacher, Becky Hoskins said.

"My sister actually use to paint as a hobby and she actually did pottery, too, and that kind of exposed it to me," art teacher, Lana Rabe said. "If I hadn't been started at a young age I don't think I would have decided on it as a career option."

Introducing art to kids at a young age is exactly what these teachers want to do because it's about more than just painting.

"It's really great to see kids be successful and that's my main goal, having every kid leave having learned something new or try something new," Hoskins said. "When they can feel a sense of accomplishment, I'm actually really proud of them."

"It's awesome to see their confidence grow and to see the things they make," Rabe said. "They're excitement is catching because when they leave with a big smile on my face I leave with a big smile, too."

And so can Teter.

"I love my teachers," Jennifer Teter said. "They're so great, they come up with such great ideas and they're so energetic and they love the kids and adults and it's just a really good community we have building here right now."

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