Liven up your workout at the YMCA

The newest edition to the Quincy YMCA's fitness classes is Suspension Training.

Running on the treadmill or pushing through sit-ups can get old fast when working out everyday.

We have a way to liven up your routine.

"Suspension is kind of the new craze," Amanda Stotts, marketing director of the Quincy YMCA, said. "It is a full body workout using your own body weight and resistance and using bands that hang from the ceiling."

The newest addition to the Quincy YMCA's fitness classes is Suspension Training, held upstairs in the multipurpose room.

"It's about a 30 to 45 minute class and again you get a full body workout and it's for all body types, for all fitness levels and it's a great full body workout," Stotts said.

If you're looking for a simpler workout, but makes you sweat just as much then walk downstairs to the aerobics room and check out Cardio Blast.

"Cardio Blast is one of those that's a full body workout using more basic equipment like the body bars and the mats and the yoga balls," Stotts said. "But there's just a variety of classes that are included in your membership and we would encourage you to mix it up a little bit and try different ones. Don't be stagnant in what you're doing right now."

I decided to mix it up with Cardio Blast instructor, Camile Donaldson and in just a minute I was able to break a sweat.

If group fitness isn't your thing, don't worry. Stop by the weight room and see the new equipment the Y has to offer.

"We're always kind of trading out things to make it new for people," Stotts said. "We have the nautilus equipment, which is a full array of weight machines. We have treadmills, ellipticals, the step mill, just about everything you could possibly be looking for."

Still ... if you're not into classes but don't want to go at it alone ... the Y has someone that can give you that extra nudge.

"We do individual training as well and you can do it for 30 minutes, and hour, again it's whatever fits your schedule and keeps your motivated," Stotts said.

With the Y open seven days a week, and classes held through out the day the only problem you'll have is picking out which one to go to or which machine to workout on. But don't sweat the small stuff just get into the Y and sweat.

For a list of the Y's fitness classes, click here.