Little People's Golf Tournament in Sponsorship Limbo


For 41 years, The Little People's Golf Championship has been a Quincy Summer tradition.

But absent new corporate sponsorship, the tournament may be looking for a new home.

Titan Wheel announced today that it would end its three year run as a Title Sponsor after next week's event..

And Pepsi's involvement is uncertain.

Developments that have left the Tournament Founder puzzled as to the disconnect with sponsors over the value of the event.

Nan Ryan: "I think their perception, Mr Reitz's (Titan Executive) perception of the Tournament is different than ours. I run into people, while I am here, every day that say "It's Little People's time, such a great thing" or "my son played in it, my daughter played in it" or "we always look forward to seeing the kids." At the motels, restaurants, shops, its just such a great thing for Quincy and people love Quincy. People love to come back here."

Duerr: Title sponsors. What is your level of confidence that you can find somebody who will back something that has been a part of the fabric of this community for more than 40 years?

Nan Ryan: "We are going to do our best to do that because we would like to keep the tournament here in Quincy. It's brought more than 20 million dollars into the economy here. It had brought more people here than the actual population of Quincy. It is one of the three top revenue generating events in the city. I think it would be a big loss to Quincy to have this go away."