Little park, big storm damage

Viewer submitted photo from Hannibal.

You can still find remnants of storm debris from recent storms if you look hard enough. Brush piles litter area curbs while broken tree branches dangle from above.

That's the case at Indian Mounds Park, which is surrounded by 16 homes on Wauneta Place. One of the park's larger trees split at the top, which now poses a threat to the house below it. Many other branches dangle in areas that could cause property damage if they fall.

"If we have another major storm, or even just a good storm, the branches will fall on their fence and shed. It could possibly fall on their home. That's obviously something we don't want. Safety is our number one priority," said Parks Director Andy Dorian.

The good news is that Hannibal's Parks and Recreation has the money to remove the debris. The obstacle is finding a way to do it.

"These trees are growing on and around the mounds, so a truck would not be able to climb up them. It's not an easy job but it's something that can be done," said Dorian. "On those trees, we won't be able to get a bucket in there, so we'll have to rely on climbers."

It's a job too big for Hannibal's Parks and Rec, so it's looking to hire a local contractor. The debris cleanup will use money set aside by the park's maintenance funds. Its estimated cost is about $2,500 to $4,000.