Lisa Madigan asking for a recall of fuel gel products

Decorative fuel pot / file photo

T alk to almost anyone and they'll agree that they like the smell of an outdoor wood fireplace and the ambience of what a recreational fire brings to a gathering of friends.

But over the last few years, more and more people are turning to a unit that burns fire gel instead of wood.

People liked it more because there wasn't the mess associated with ashes, lighter fluid and hot embers.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is calling on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to immediately recall all fuel gel products based on reports of people being burned if and when one of these fuel pots are either turned over or the lighted gel is spilled.

In a news release, Madigan says the lit fuel gel acts like a napalm substance if it's spilled onto someone's skin.

Thursday night, Jim Whitfield talked with a local fire department about the possible dangers of these fuel pots and you should watch the video above to see what could happen if one of these pots is turned over when it's full of the fuel gel.

"Another thing we've noticed with these is that they burn very clean. So the flame itself is difficult to see. If you have children we want you to keep this up out of reach. Keep children several feet away from these because the flame is very difficult to see, said Quincy Fire Department Capt. Mark Bigelow.

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