Like a phoenix, Sprouts Inn rises from the ashes

A Quincy restaurant is rising from the ashes a year after a devastating fire.

It was exactly one year ago today that the Sprout's Inn restaurant burned to the ground. But now that's in the past and Sprout's is in the final stages of re-construction.

Construction was halted a few times due to a second fire on the property and other setbacks along the way.

Owner Jennifer Wiemelt hopes to be opened by mid-summer.

"We're still anticipating the end of July, and that's being pretty optimistic. But I think that can happen as long as we don't have any more setbacks," she said.

A majority of the staff are expected to return to employment at the family-owned restaurant.

Spout's Inn has served the Quincy area for more than seventy years and Patti Kelly has worked with them for thirty four years. She says there was no way she wasn't coming back.

"I was here when her grandma and grandpa were both here, with Evelyn and Cecil. And I was here with her dad, with Pat. And now I'm here with Jennifer, and it's just wonderful to see a third generation. I know she's going to do great job," Kelly said.

Both Wiemelt and Kelly says they're looking forward to seeing customers back in and eating again.

"I can't wait to see everybody back in my restaurant again, and go around and talk to everybody. It's been a long process. I know a lot of people have been wondering what's taking so long. This isn't an easy thing to build, especially when you're hit kind of blind sighted by it. I can't wait to see everybody," Wiemelt said.

"Everybody that's been here a long time just feels like family," Kelly said. "They just feel like part of it. And that's what's so special about this place."

Wiemelt says Sprout's will continue to offer the same food items found on the menu when it first opened.

KHQA reporter Meghan Townley contributed to this story.

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