Light up the river for lost loved ones this weekend

Lanterns on the river create a glowing memorial on the Mississippi for lost loved ones.

A local funeral home will make the Mississippi River glow this weekend.

Saturday, you're invited to the Memorial Lantern Float at Nipper Park, a tribute to loved ones lost. This is the fifth year

James O'Donnell Funeral Home

has coordinated the event.

In the past, anywhere from 100 to 150 people line the shore of the river and release a personalized lantern for each person they've lost over the years.

"Right there at twilight, to see the sunset and the lights, those lanterns floating on the river is really beautiful. So many of the lanterns are so unique. They're personalized in so many ways. It really makes it a neat, memorable event," Jim O'Donnell said.

The Lantern Float begins at 7 p.m. Saturday. James O'Donnell Funeral Home will provide the lanterns and materials to decorate them, but you are welcome to bring your own to personalize it for someone special.

"We have a brief ceremony, a presentation of the colors, a little bit of music and then the release of the lanterns. People can just sit back, relax and remember," O'Donnell said.

A select number of chairs will be available for the ceremony, so guests may want to bring their own.