Light turnout for Quincy neighborhood meeting

It was a light turnout Tuesday night for a neighborhood meeting at Irving School.

The Quincy Police Department and Adams County Family Violence Council scheduled a followup meeting to the first one held last October.

Officers were on hand to address problems or concerns.

They also educated the public about warning signs to look for when it comes to drug and gang activity.

That type of education was requested at last fall's meeting, which took place only months after the Alternative School moved into the Irving building.

Chief Rob Copley told KHQA the department is interested in starting up numerous Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the city.

Copley says, "The concern is how much interest is there in the community. There was a time in Quincy when there were numerous Neighborhood Watches that were very active. Unfortunately, they've become a thing of the past."

Chief Copley says there are two active Neighborhood Watch programs in the city -- one in the Frederick Ball area and one in the Indian Hills area.