Lids for Kids offers safety to ATV riders

ATV accidents are to blame for hundreds of deaths and more than one hundred thousand ER visits each year.

Helmets can reduce the risk of death by almost half.

That's why Outdoor Power held it's first Lids for Kids event Saturday. Staff arranged to give away ATV helmets at no cost to the first thirty youth ATV riders who came in Saturday.

Dwight Hibbard says a line of people had formed outside the shop before it even opened.

"Sometimes, if families buy them used, or if they buy them from relatives, sometimes, they don't always get the helmets with them. We saw an opportunity to give helmets to kids to make sure they're able to stay safe," Hibbard said.

The Lids for Kids project received funds to pay for these helmets through t-shirt sales during the Palmyra SuperCross event this past summer.

If you missed your chance Saturday, Hibbard says more events should take place in the coming months.