Lickin' the competition

Here's a story that'll get you salivating.

Lickins X-tra Thick Competition Style BBQ Sauce is the best in the world, and it was developed right here in Quincy.

The sauce won the distinction at the 25th annual American Royal World Series of Bar-B-Cue in Kansas City, Mo.

Sauces were judged on appearance, texture, and taste.

For sauce manufacturers, this is the most prestigious award that can be won, with hundreds of sauces competing for it.

Tim Muehring, is with the Lickin's Bar-B-Q company and when he starts in on creating a new sauce for his company to sell, he said he will probably makes five or six different batches before he is satisfied that it's the one he wants to be on the shelves.

"When they announced us as first in tomato hot category, we went down to get the award and as I was walking away they came back and said the sauce of the planet is, "Lickins." I turned around and I about fell over. It's the most prestigious award you can get possibly," Muehring said.



has been in business for five years and for the past several years their bar-b-q sauce they've entered has won a few ribbons. But Muehring said it's all in the way it's prepared that makes it a winner and this one he made is at the top of the chart.

"You got to have a combination of levels of flavor when you're designing food. You have to taste the salty, the sweet and the heat. And it's all got to blend together. And be a product the will gel and glaze when it's cooked. You have to keep the end in mind but always use good ingredients going in," Muehring said.