Liberty meeting heard concerns over Percenters MC Clubhouse

Percenters MC Clubhouse

Dozens turned out for a Liberty Village Board Meeting Thursday night.

Residents spoke up about the recent double shooting at the Percenters MC Clubhouse.

"When you begin to hear shooting, and it's this close, well you're afraid," said Bernice Mowen.

Bernice Mowen lives across the street from the Percenters MC Clubhouse. She had family in town the morning of the shooting because her husband passed away the day before.

"My daughter and my grandson were sleeping in the living room and I thought maybe a bullet would come through that big window in there," Mowen explained.

During a public forum at the Village Board meeting, plenty of other people shared her opinion. In May, an alleged armed robbery ended at the clubhouse with four arrests. Last month two men were shot through rear windows of the clubhouse following a dispute that happened at the clubhouse earlier that night.

A Liberty mother Celeste Mettemeyer said, "They're bringing an element in that we don't need, that's not safe. They may be the nicest people in the world but it they're bringing this danger element in of shootings and robberies coming here to escape. That's not something that we want to be in our community, to have our kids by. It's just not safe."

So far the the Adams County Sheriff's Department combatted the situation with extra patrol in the area. Liberty's attorney spoke with the owner of the property about relocating the club. Right now it does not look like a relocation will happen.

"You should try to get to know them before you get judgmental towards them," said Wanda Ross-Miller. Ross-Millers works at the gas station across from the club and sees club members on a daily basis.

She said, "They don't like idea of people feeling the way they do about them. It bothers them, it upsets them, and they would like to get it cleared up."

During the public forum, it was brought up that the property owner and members who initially started the Percenters MC club in Liberty are not the same people who operate it now. A member who
would not go on camera said that he hopes the community will come to the clubhouse with concerns.

Right now the Village Board is asking for residents to be vocal about their concerns. They cannot take any legal action to force the club to move.