Liberty farm builds family traditions one tree at a time

A variety of pre-cut trees are available for purchase

Fresh Christmas trees are running out fast around the Tri-States.

The Mathews Christmas Tree Farm ran out of its stock of more than 500 trees earlier this week. Although there are no more trees for 2013, the family continues to utilize branches from older, overgrown trees to create fresh wreaths and grave blankets.

Click here to watch the Mathews Family create fresh wreaths.

Over the last four years, over 15 thousand trees have been planted on the Mathews Christmas Tree Farm in Liberty.

It's been a bit of a struggle however for the trees to flourish.

Greg Mathews is the owner of the tree farm.

"The last three years, there's been either a lot of drought or at least some drought. This year of course we didn't have a lot of trees out in our choose and cut patch. I usually make a little bit of fun of it, I say that there's some Griswold trees out there," Mathews said.

It's been a family tradition for Mathews, he's been plating trees since the age of five.

Currently he brings in trees from Michigan to supplement the low number of trees he's grown.

On that side of business, Mathews says he's doing great.

"We brought in over 500 trees, and we're down to 40 to 50 right now. And it's a responsibility to make sure we have the trees they're looking for so they can have their perfect Christmas," Mathews said.

While the trees may not stick around, the memories from tree farming will stay with him forever.

"You see the same people year after year, and people say I've been here four, five, six years in a row, and we say we're building family traditions one tree at a time," Mathews said.

You may think the Christmas tree business is just busy a couple months of the year, but that's not the case. Work goes throughout the year. Click here to hear more from owner Greg Mathews.