Lewis County School Board members resign

Two Lewis County School Board members resigned after it was revealed that they voted in May on financial matters that directly related to relatives who work within the district.

Robert Reed Miller and Harry Scifers submitted their resignations to the School Board Monday.

Reed Miller's wife currently works as a teacher at Highland High School. Scifers son works for the district, according to the letters.

The undated resignation letters say that both men voted on stipends for their family members.

Reed Miller said that he intends to run for his seat again during the April 3 general municipal election, which is allowed Missouri law.

I'm up for re-election, and I do intend to fill that spot, Reed Miller said. We didn't have to resign. We chose to resign. We didn't have to forfeit our positions. We chose to."

It was an accident and nobody caught it. We didn't try to hide anything.

The law states that they must resign for the duration of their current terms.

Donna Collier, a former school board member who is one of four running against Reed Miller in April, said that she believes there was no wrongdoing intended when the pair placed their votes.

She said they most likely voted on a number of financial items in one large block without knowledge that they were voting on items that directly impacted their family members.