Lewis County damage

Car in LaGrange crushed by falling tree. / Photo by: Chad Douglas

The storm also pounded Lewis County, Missouri.

Conni Blessing says, "I heard the loud roar. It was a nasty loud roar. I wouldn't say it sounded like a freight train, but the roar was so loud."

Conni Blessing and her husband Bob lucked out. They're property didn't have much damage in LaGrange, but their neighbors across the street lost a big tree. Big trees were all over the place, as were downed power lines. Old Highway 61 north out of LaGrange was blocked by this tree. A BNSF freight train was at a standstill because a tree was over the tracks. Across the highway from the train, a shredded old glory flapped in the wind above the Mark Twain Casino. In town, things weren't much better. Edith Schmuck woke up around 1:15 this morning to a loud noise.

Schmuck says, "Sounded like something hit the side of the house or something. I heard it fall."

That sound was another tree down. Up the road from Schmuck's house, this car was crushed. Tin from an outbuilding was scattered about, and the roof of this church had damage.

Bob Blessing says, "I was more concerned with what was going on and I never thought about being scared. We never even thought about going to the basement. It seemed like it was there, and then before too long, it was all over with."

A big tree fell in Martin Park in Canton, Missouri. This big tree fell. The roots were under the sidewalk, and it ripped the sidewalk up out of the ground as if it weren't even there.

Jeff McReynolds is the Fire Chief in Canton. About 20 firefighters were responding to a church fire in LaGrange when the storm hit.

McReynolds says, "Oh man, I have never seen wind like that before. It was hard to stand up, you couldn't hold a door. I heard 70 to 80 mph winds.

Another problem in Canton was surface water. It was collecting by the levy, and firefighters began pumping water across the levee back into the river.

Electricity began coming back on in Canton just before noon.

There is a shelter in Lewis County with electricity, food and cots at the Lewis County Fairgrounds, on Hwy 16, east of Lewistown, MO.

Anyone who needs electricity for oxygen or other health needs to stop by.

For more information, you can contact Fire Chief Harry Scifres at 217-242-5299.