Lewis County: Celebrating Veterans Day the non-traditional way

Veterans Day has come and gone, but one Tri-State community says honoring our veterans sacrifices shouldn't stop there.

Sunday, a group of high school students from Highland High School celebrated their veterans on what most people would call an average Sunday.

"I feel like it's a big deal to thank the veterans for everything they do because they protect our country and they make it, like I said, the home of the free. Without them, I don't think we would have all the liberties and freedoms we have and I feel like honoring them on one day isn't enough, but if that's all we can do lets do it," said Stephen Jones, History Club President.

In 1996, the History Club raised money to build a memorial in front of the Monticello Court House that honors veterans everyday. This weekend, the club sponsored the 16th annual Veterans Day Program at the memorial.

"I just appreciate the people coming out today and showing the respect they do for the veterans, especially those that have been killed in action," said Dan Schmitz, Sergeant in Arms, American Legion Post 578.

Dozens of people showed up to do just that.

"If we're not honoring our veterans we're failing in every aspect of our nation. They're why we're here. They're why we have the freedoms we enjoy today, and without a debt of gratitude to them it says a lot about the kind of people that we are," said Rep. Craig Redmon, District 1.

The American Legion Post 578 provided the 21 gun salute for the program.

Written by: Chrissy Mueller