Lewis County boy takes a long ride on the hot bus

This bus ride has a long, and dusty ride

26 million students ride school buses each day in the U.S., according to the American School Bus Council.

Four hundred, 80 thousand schools buses transport those students.

Of those 26 million students, one 9 year old in the Tri-States is spending more than two and and half hours a day on the bus.

For Donovan Gullion, the school day ends around 3pm, but he doesn't arrive back at home until around 4:15 in the afternoon. During these Summer months, Donovan says the ride can get uncomfortable.

"It's really hot, and it seems like it drags on and it's super dusty. Well what's going through my head is how am I not passing out from the heat?" said Donovan.

The Lewis County School District's policy is to have a student on the bus for no more than three hours a day. Donovan's mom Dena thinks this is too long.

"That's a lot of time on the bus. I've often thought he is on the bus and at school longer than a lot of people are at work during the day and you know drive, it's a long day for him. I feel bad for him, sometimes he has a headache, sometimes you know he's all sweaty, and he wants a drink, I feel bad but you know we both work so we have to use the transportation," said Dena.

Dena's family lives in rural Missouri, and thinks something about the bus ride should change.

"I think two hours should be max on the bus. It'd be nice if they could have another couple of busses, and some air conditioning would be really nice," Dena said.

Donovan had a solution as well.

"Have an air conditioned bus," said Donovan.

While Donovan's mother appreciates the availability of transportation for her son, she hopes a change in transportation conditions happens in the future.