Less clean water available than unusual in Macomb

The city of Macomb is keeping a close eye on its clean water supply.

That's because flood waters in April overflowed the river behind the city's water plant as well as it's lagoon.

That contaminated water then traveled through drain pipes underground.

The water then started to leak into the clean water through the stone wall of one of the two underground clean water wells.

And that limited the clean water available to the city.

Mayor Mike Inman says the city sought financial help through FEMA as a part of the flooding disaster declaration from April.

"We've been assured by the folks at FEMA that came down, assessed the damage, that they believe that it meets the criteria. We're still waiting on them to approve the entire scope of the repair." says Mayor Inman.

The project will cost $230,000.

A company has already been contracted to do the work.

The city hopes to hear back from FEMA by Friday.

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