Legend behind Lover's Leap

It's an attraction for thousands of tourists who flock to America's Hometown each year.

Many "locals" have ventured up to Lover's Leap as well after last week's amazing rescue.

You've probably heard your own version of how Lover's Leap got its name.

KHQA's Rajah Maples talked with a Mark Twain riverboat captain late last week to get the version tourists hear.

Captain Steve Terry has narrated these riverboat tours for three decades. The tours include the legend behind Lover's Leap.

Terry said, "I started listening to this story back in 1977 when I came to work here."

The story behind Lover's Leap was too long for him to tell on camera. But here's the gist of it. The area had two tribes of Indians in the area - The Fox on the Missouri shore and the Illini on the Illinois side. The two were enemies, but the daughter of the Fox tribe's chief fell in love with a young Illini brave. The daughter was warned several times to stop seeing him. But one night, the chief found his daughter on top of this cliff with her lover. The two ended up jumping off this cliff together rather than spending a lifetime apart. But unlike Romeo and Juliet, these two lovers survive.

Terry said, "Each pilot puts their own spin on it just a little. They may have landed on a bale of cotton. I prefer for them to land on the train."

The legend KHQA's Rajah Maples heard growing up was a bit different. She had always heard that if a man proposes on top of Lover's Leap, and the woman turns down his proposal, the man is supposed to jump.

Terry said, "The legends are different as you travel up and down the river. Everyone has their own story to go along with it. THIS is the story that's been told for a long time."

We asked Captain Steve Terry if any of the legends are actually true.

He told her that's up to you to believe.

By the way, we'd like to hear your version of Lover's Leap.

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