Legacy helps you look good this holiday season

Over 100 people signed up for the "Biggest Loser" Fitness Challenge.

Melissa Mudor's goal this holiday season is simple, get fit. So when she saw on Facebook that Legacy Martial Arts was offering a fitness challenge, she immediately entered herself in it.

"We are doing different things every night, different classes tons of stations and a lot of this stuff you can do at home," Mudor said.

This is the second year Legacy has held its "Biggest Loser" Fitness Challenge. The free program goes for seven weeks with weekly weigh ins every Thursday.

"Basically it's a weight loss and fitness challenge,' Robert Bentley, Legacy Martial Arts owner, said. "So for some people their goal is going to be losing weight. For other people maybe they're at the weight they want to be and they just want to get in better shape."

During the fitness challenge time frame all workout classes at Legacy are anyone.

"I've always offered free classes during this time of the year right during Thanksgiving," Bentley said. "I think that's one of the most fun parts of the challenge. Where do you get before we get to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is kind of the halfway point and what do you weigh in right after Thanksgiving? Did you maintain? If you maintained during that week that's the best thing you can do."

But even with all the weekly weigh ins and hardcore workouts, the message behind the fitness challenge is simple.

"We just want Quincy to get in better shape and feel good about themselves and build that throughout the community," Bentley, said.

Over 100 people signed up for the "Biggest Loser" Fitness Challenge and Mudor, she wants to beat them all.

"The Biggest Loser here lost 36 pounds, my goal is 37," Mudor said.

The final weigh in for the challenge will be on December 20th and the winner will be awarded on January 4th at a Legacy banquet.