Lee County world record tulips are in bloom

Lee County world record tulips are blooming

On October 18th of last year, 1,000 Lee County residents along with the Lee County Economic Development Group's GROW Lee 2.0 Committee attempted to set a world record.

The plan was to plant 5,000 tulips in one hour at the Heron Bend Conservation Center.

One participant, Dale Heidbrede, explained his experience.

"It was fantastic. It was a honor to be a part of it."

Director of the conservation center, Tom Buckley, tells KHQA they beat their goal by a landslide.

"We actually planted over 7,700 bulbs. It was 7,730 bulbs that were planted and 1,446 people that did the planting."

Lee County now holds the record for 'Greatest number of people planting flower bulbs simultaneously.'

While the title may sound a bit dry, residents say they're all about the flower power.

Just look at the beautification out here, you just take a look and you can see why we got involved in it," says Heidbrede.

Buckley knows this will be a great addition to Lee County.

"This is something that the whole county can be proud of what they did. Because it's really about what the county did."

These tulips will last about one to two weeks.

Lee County successfully beat a group in the United Kingdom who tried to set the record but only had 850 people.

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