Lee County tries to fill deficit

The Lee County Board Of Supervisors held a budget workshop this morning to try and figure out how to recover from a nearly $1,000,000 deficit.

We found out more for this KHQA FactFinder report.

After looking over the proposed budget last week the board saw it was going to be left with a $934,000 deficit.

At the workshop this morning, the board looked at a few departments including the Conservation Department, the Sheriff's Department and personal finances for the Board of Supervisors.

It found about $330,000 that could be cut.

KHQA spoke with the Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary Folluo about recovering from this deficit.

Are you going to be able to recover from this deficit?

"Oh sure, absolutely," said Folluo. "A lot of this is caused, of course, by interest that is not received on monies that are put aside, investments with the county and things like that. So, as those things turn around, as the economy turns around, obviously things will improve."

The board will meet again Friday in Keokuk to look at a few more areas where they can shave anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 off the budget.