Lee County ranked in the top ten for alcohol abuse

A Keokuk man has been hired to try and reduce binge drinking and teen alcohol use in Lee County

Scott Gooding says Lee County is in the top ten in Iowa when it comes to having issues with alcohol.

He says getting people to realize that there is the potential for the alcohol abuse in Southeast Iowa is a big part of trying to reduce those issues.

"Kids need educated, not just by prevention specialist who go to schools and talk, but they need educated by their parents. They need educated by their friends. Everyone needs to understand that it's, alcohol may be legal, but it needs to be controlled," according to Gooding. Gooding is the coordinator for the new program in Lee County.

Although to some people it may not seem like a lot, the C-D-C considers binge drinking to be when someone consumes five or more drinks in a two hour period.

Gooding also says that for several years, there hasn't been a substance abuse council in Lee County.