Lee County prepares for Tuesday's Iowa Caucus

Iowans will take center stage Tuesday night as they attend caucuses throughout the state.

During that time, they'll be asked to vote for one candidate over the rest, a determinant of which candidates will go on to the upcoming primaries. KHQA visited with leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties in Lee County and found there's one issue they both can agree on.

"I hear all the time, 'My vote doesn't's all these crooked politicians.' It's our responsibility to attend and make sure we don't have crooked politicians. I look at politicians in a different light than many people do, whether they're Republican or Democrat. I think they're very self-sacrificing individuals with an extremely difficult job to do, because they're not going to please all of us," said Donald Lucas, the Republican Caucus Chairman for Lee County.

Tuesday night's caucuses throughout Iowa will be the time to voice your opinions. You must be a resident of the county's caucus to participate.

"You, as a citizen, have the right, the obligation and the privilege to determine who the next president is," said Lucas.

You don't have to be a registered voter when you walk in to a caucus, but you will be by the time you leave. The Republican party estimates around 200 people will take part in the Lee County caucuses Tuesday. Lucas says that number should be higher.

"The caucus system in Iowa is basically one of the most important things a person can do in their life," said Lucas.

Regardless of party affiliation.

"We have a choice to voice our opinion, to put it in the form of a plank, on a platform," said Janet Fife-LaFrenz.

"We may all have different views, but in order to get the majority view, we need you to get to a caucus," said Lucas.

Since President Obama is running for re-election, you may be wondering why the need for a democrat caucus.

"Our purpose is to communicate with the persons in the Democratic party, to invite those who do not belong to a party and wish to join us. You can register the night of the caucus and declare yourself a democrat," said Fife-LaFrenz.

In Iowa, you have four choices: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Green Party.

Republicans will gather in caucuses at Ft. Madison Middle School, Keokuk High School, and the West Point Library.

The Democrat caucuses will take place in the Multipurpose Room at Fort Madison High School, Keokuk Middle School, and the Pilot Grove Savings Bank in Donnellson.