Lee County horse neglect case awaits judge's decision

Jeffery Graber was charged with livestock neglect January 8, 2014

A Donnellson, Iowa man accused of livestock neglect could no longer faces charges.

Jeffery Graber's attorney filed a motion to dismiss charges last month.

Assistant Lee County Attorney Clinton Boddicker resisted the motion.

Both sides presented their arguments in court on Tuesday.

Now they await a judge's ruling.

Boddicker told KHQA a decision should come down within the next week.

Graber was charged with livestock neglect January 8, 2014.

Deputies removed several emaciated horses from his property later that month.

A judge ordered the horses returned to Graber in March due to a procedural error by the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Graber was cited for similar reasons in 2011.

However, no charges were filed following a 2011 investigation.