Leaving your kids in the car can be deadly

In 2010, forty-nine children died because they were left unattended in a car.

On hot days it doesn't take long for your car to heat up quickly.

Younger kids are more affected by the heat in your car because their small bodies heat up so fast.

When you're away from your car, there is still a danger. Jane Hummel with the Adams County Health Department says one of the easiest ways to protect your kids is to keep your car locked at all times. That way they cannot enter the car and become trapped.

Even just a quick run into the store with the kids left in the car could be deadly.

There is a National Website called that has links, stories and dangers of leaving your kids unattended in cars. We highly recommend that you visit the site.

If you see an unattended child, or pet for that matter, in a hot car ... we insist that you call local authorities immediately.

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